Twice A Year Bible Reading Plan

For 17 years my husband has been consistently and faithfully reading his Bible daily, without a reading plan. Our local pastor recently shared that he reads the Bible 3 times a year. WOW!

I have tried several plans but was never truly satisfied with them. I have enjoyed the chronological plan a few times but I knew from the beginning that I would not get to the New Testament until the end of the year. I often don’t want to wait to get into the life of Christ or the events and circumstances that led to the creation of the NT church. I needed to hear, sooner rather than later, Paul’s admonishment and encouragement to believers because I need those reminders often, in the context that they were written in.

With other plans, I also seemed to get bogged down with having to read several Psalms in one day because they can often be quite raw and vulnerable. I felt like I could not savor the emotions of each Psalm appropriately. I felt the same way with the book of Proverbs, except instead of processing emotions in a rushed haphazard way, I was forced to contemplate wisdom in what I felt was an unwise way, just to get through the plan.

To solve those issues, I knew I needed to create my own. I’m too impatient to read the Bible in a year. However, I also know trying to get through the Bible 3 times in one year is a plan doomed to fail, especially with all the other things going on in my life. So I’m settling on a happy medium – 2 times in one year.

My plan consists of reading daily 5-6 chapters of OT (more or less) plus 2 chapters of NT or Proverbs and one Psalm once a day. The 2 Proverb chapters are interspersed every ten days between NT reading.

There are 25 weeks of reading, 6 days a week (preferably Monday – Saturday) with one day of rest to allow for attention to be given to the sermon at church or to play catch up if one falls behind.

The 26th week is a full rest week (not included in the plan). Then the plan starts all over again. I included 2 little check boxes, labeled 1st & 2nd on the far right side of the page to give a visual reminder when completing a whole week of reading for the first time and again when doing the plan a second time.

It might seem like a lot of reading for one day, but seriously, how much time do we spend doing other things that have no heavenly value.


2 thoughts on “Twice A Year Bible Reading Plan

  1. I’ve done the Bible in 90 Days but I find it hard to do it during the school year. This sounds more doable! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for this plan. Will be a challenge but I am excited to begin. I appreciate your balanced and biblical truth filled interpretation of our modern day culture and current events. God bless you!

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