For Biblical Clinical counseling inquires go to https://www.bccounselingedu.com/

What is Biblical Clinical Counseling?

Biblical Clinical Counseling is using God’s Word as the core foundational framework that encompasses a clinical component to helping others. Clinical is the process by which information is gathered regarding the scope and potential gaps, inconsistencies or deficiencies that an individual exhibits in their day-to-day interpersonal functioning.

Biblical Clinical Counseling is a method of counseling that assumes God’s Word is sufficient to answer all of life’s struggles, while also understanding that sin and living in a fallen world is a reality that causes so much dishevel in our personal lives, our various relationships, our churches and our communities.

Biblical Clinical Counseling is where the Bible, behavior and body meet and takes into account how our bodies and minds respond to sin, stress, various forms of trauma or relationship strains, while seeking to remain faithful to Scripture. Considering all these components are important for Godly growth and wisdom.

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