Journal Articles

  • Journey Into Biblical Counseling: Part 2
    This blog post will continue to explore my journey into the Biblical Counseling certification entities, what I learned along the way and where I am now. Per my previous post, I shared that in 2011, Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book on parenting was my introduction to Biblical Counseling (BC). Six years and two states later, while I … Read more
  • My Journey Into Biblical Counseling
    Many have asked me how I became a Biblical Clinical Counselor. To answer this question, it might be a good idea to first share how I stumbled into counseling as a ministry vocation. After the LORD saved me in 2004, I thought I wanted to enter the mission field. I had to abruptly leave a … Read more
  • Christian Psychology, PTSD and the Christian
    Shortly after Easter in 2003, I was medevac’d out of Kuwait City during Operation Iraqi Freedom because my heart would not stop racing, and I could not catch my breath. Six months later, I left the Army and a physically abusive marriage. A little before Easter in 2004, the Lord saved me, and I was … Read more

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