Twice A Year Bible Reading Plan

For 17 years my husband has been consistently and faithfully reading his Bible daily, without a reading plan. Our local pastor recently shared that he reads the Bible 3 times a year. WOW! I have tried several plans but was never truly satisfied with them. I have enjoyed the chronological plan a few times butContinue reading “Twice A Year Bible Reading Plan”

For Counselors: Biblical Change and Insight

What is the nature of Biblical change and how do we help those we counsel gain insight? As Christians who counsel, we need to understand the distinction between Biblical change and insight. Christians who seek counseling will have some degree of insight into their lives, enough to know that something is amiss, either in theirContinue reading “For Counselors: Biblical Change and Insight”

Counseling: What is Our Foundation for Faith and Practice

– Our foundation and practice for counseling is our faith in Christ and Scripture. If our counseling practice rests on our foundation, what is the end goal for those we counsel? How are we practicing out our foundation in our counseling? How does our foundation show up in the language of how we counsel? TheseContinue reading “Counseling: What is Our Foundation for Faith and Practice”

Common Grace: Historical Context (Part 2)

The term “common grace” as a formal designation is often believed to be a Reformed doctrine. Many attribute Abraham Kuyper (1837-1902) and Herman Bavinck (1854-1921), both Reformed theologians, to have been the most influential in its formal doctrinal development, with Bavinck stating that it is “based on Scripture and

Saving Grace Before Common Grace (Part 1)

Many Christians are declaring that “all truth is God’s truth” in an attempt to affirm or embrace certain aspects of Critical Race Theory (CRT) or other sociological solutions and arguments that have no Scriptural basis. When Christians attempt to refute these “solutions” or question any viable validity in using them to analyze society, they areContinue reading “Saving Grace Before Common Grace (Part 1)”

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